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Tarot cards came long after the playing cards deck, in 15th century. While playing cards were used in games, Tarot were designed for Psychic readings only. Each Tarot card tells a story about you and your future and past. When you are reading tarot cards, you are connecting with universe on a deep, psychic level, where shadows fall in the dark.

Seven Of Swords

Seven Of Swords Tarot
The figure is hurrying away with an armful of swords. He turns around, wondering whether he should have taken the other two swords as well. This depicts uncertainty, hesitation and partial success. The tents also show instability for they are not permanent.

What is Your Birth Card?

Universal Day
Queen of Cups
Happy Birthday!

June 21, 2018

Nine of Clubs

The Card Of The Day:
Nine of Clubs

People Born on June 21
Juliette Lewis
Olen Steinhauer
Kirill Saphonov
Prince William
Prince William