Best Places to Live

Tip: If you have your full name spelled in the language other than English, enter your Soul Urge & Expression Numbers.

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Acknowledgment: cities are calculated according to their English spelling; hence, the results are accurate only for English-spelling countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Australia.

Best Cities to Live

If you want to live in the city where you feel completely satisfied, look for those with expression number matching your Karmic Number.

Be Yourself

If you need to give yourself a free rain or want to establish yourself in a place when people are doing things that represent your idea of happiness and satisfaction, look for a city with the Expression number compatible with your Soul Urge Number.

Best Cities for Business & Work

When a city's Soul Urge matches your Expression Number, you can give this place exactly what it needs.

Best for Vacations

Choose your vacation spot where your Soul Urge can be fulfilled.

Best Cities for New Experiences

If you are looking for new experiences, cities that express your Life Path number are your best choice.