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Jack of Spades Birth Card

Jack of SpadesAll Jacks correspond with number 11. By some called the number of Evil because it transcended the number of commandments, and did not attain 12, the number of Grace and perfection. History and experience refuse its stigma. Number 11 is the most priceless gift of God. It is man (1) beside God (10). Jacks are sons of the Kings. They carry great responsibility, and the disposal of their lives rests entirely on their decision. They represent the mental attitudes of any suit, and of course; our mental attitudes are totally within our control. We can rule them and win the crown, or we may consign them to every wind that blows and struggle in a state of immaturity as long as we live.

Jack of Spades is one the most fortunate cards with life loaded with many opportunities and extreme alternatives. They belong to the hierarchy of authority, and they know they must learn how to take their place among the crowned ones. Youthful nature may contradict with need to master the maturity in order to cope with significant responsibility indicated by this card. How Jack of Spades uses their power is completely a matter of choice. They can become the most successful ones with awareness of the fact that they are learners of higher wisdom, and supreme dignity that is born of recognition of their calling and the certainty that they will achieve their goals in the end. Then they appreciate the value of education and training in any profession they can express their great abilities. They work for the mean - and not for a paycheck. They refuse to worry about money or personal success, understanding the importance of their honorable intentions.

All Jack of Spades, men or women, have masculine type of mind. They have the great possibility to inherit large sums of money. They are successful in fields of medicine, work well with others, especially with groups of men. They are good planners and executives; can follow a well-defined and carefully lay out course. Business is usually based upon friendly contacts, and help from friends.

Jack of Spades have a gift of handling people and can depend on the loyalty from employees. More developed their intuitive power more successful they become. Intelligence is a natural gift. Spiritual insights develop early. Love is also important, and they are blessed when they have someone who loves them with devotion and who they can rely on.

There are Jack of Spades, who use their considerable abilities to selfish means. They are subject of scandals and disgrace, to misinterpretation of their motives, disappointments in their friends and the lack of accomplishments in their work. It is strange that this card that can symbolize profound spiritual insights, often becomes a symbol of con artists, blackmailers and thieves. Jack of Spades is open to higher wisdom, and it is the personal choice that makes a difference and invites energy of either positive or negative nature.

Jack of Spades Quotes

Michael Schumacher “I will do everything I can to bring the Number One to Ferrari. The whole team and all the fans deserve it.” - Michael Schumacher

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Jack is a prince of Royal Family. It gives you a certain abilities, including mental creativity, freedom from limitations, and the opportunity to dig into the royal treasury. Jack is also considered immature card, and you must prove your greatness by taking more responsibility. Jacks are youthful, enthusiastic and often talented. You like to live by your own rules which created the Jack reputation of being the playboys and playgirls of the deck. Women with Jack card have an aggressive quality, kind of man's mind. Men may go extremes from being almost feminine to the dictatorial attitudes. Jack are given the power, and with exercising more control, discipline and mastering the right application of your power makes Jack very successful leaders, artists, performers, politicians etc.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Spades correspond with an older age, a Winter season and the element Earth. Spades will have this look of wisdom on their faces. As a higher and the most powerful suit of all, Spades overlook life with a position of authority. Emotions, intellectual games and evaluation of things do not excite them as much as willpower and wisdom. Spades stand for Labor and Higher Wisdom. Spades want to find the Truth. A suit of extremes, on a higher side Spades are spiritual giants. In life, they work hard for something that they believe worth it. They want to get the job done and take a pride in the quality of the end product. Spades will not allow anyone to be in control of their life. With a tremendous potential of willpower, they are the ones who can accept responsibilities and work through any issues to a successful completion. If the person who is identified with Spades understands his or her true potential - the keys to the infinite wisdom, they find happiness and the greatest satisfaction of all. Spades rule 49 birthdays. The ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus.
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