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Six of Diamonds Birth Card

Six of DiamondsAll Sixes have a particular significance and mission in life. Six is the Double Trinity, - the divine is reflected in the human. Number Six is the number of a Soul. It stands for beauty, harmony, order, and completion, - the "Law and Order." Having this birthday means that you have a passion for everything being in the right place. You are a natural diplomat who needs involvement with others where you can share you warm charm, intuitive intellect, and the friendly responsibility of well-being of others. If the Six misses inner realization of their definite purpose in life, they may develop selfishness and lack of initiative.

The Six of Diamonds are friendly, quickly make friends and gain success through negotiation with others. It is a Success Card in business and career. They are in favor of expansion and progress. They make their best in large corporations, companies with many employees and their power built up by the size and number.

There is always a feeling that the fortune is just around the corner. While this "suspicion" is no far from reality, they should watch their temptation make it a natural way, though gambling or speculations. Financial success comes with action. They must put a certain amount of efforts to make it happened.

The Six of Diamonds are intuitive and fair; they understand the law of values - what goes around, comes around. This card represents the obligation, the blessing, and the reward. All they should do is to develop the right mental attitude to accept truth and necessity to balance their set of values. Most Six of Diamonds meet some difficulties in acquiring an education in early life, but also the education is the key to accomplishments. Money is crucial, and they often start to earn income before they realize the application of their abilities. Faster they learn what justice means; that every debt demand payment and every obligation must be discharged; that a strict honesty is required and that nothing less ever pays off, - faster success hits their life.

A very successful and satisfactory life can be built when money is not made the primary objective. Women Six of Diamonds should strive not to depend upon their feminine personality for success. Six of Diamonds men should never seek a wealthy marriage for promoting their objectives. Six of Diamonds naturally have knowledge of actual values and must share and distribute it, or lose it. Cause and Effect is their Law.

Six of Diamonds Quotes

Seal “Saturn seems to have impressed the seal of melancholy on me from the beginning.” - Seal

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Aquarius, Capricorn
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The number 6 has a special significance. It represents the "Law and Order" and also associated with a Karmic Law of cause and effect. Number 6 is a perfect number, symmetrical in all parts, the number of the Soul. Therefore, people of number Six have a special mission in their life. Sixes is obligated to hold justice and truth very high and most of them do it naturally. The biggest challenge of Sixes is in their tendency to laziness and monotony, an enemies of growth and progress. Those sixes who flee their responsibilities, refusing all adjustments, preferring action to protection, selfishness to love, freedom to responsibility, gain the effect of their doings in this lifetime. Others, who follow the law, obtain the wonderful contentment and serenity associated with number Six. Six is a natural diplomat who needs involvement with other to share his or her warm charm, intuitive intellect and friendly responsibility of well-being of others.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Diamonds correspond with an adulthood, career and money-making years, the Fall season and the element Water. Even when children Diamonds like to be treated as adults. Diamonds stand for the Power of values, material wealth. Symbolically, Diamonds are like a jewel, a stone that allows the light to pass through with practically with no loss. You can say Diamonds stand for the money, but actually they stand for Values. It includes all spectrum of human values including spiritual worth. Diamonds work out the conception of values through all their lives. They know that everything and everyone in life has its price. They make the best promoters and sellers for things with a high-rank value according to their beliefs. Diamonds like to spend money, but at some time on another they realize that all material wealth doesn't buy the true happiness. Diamonds rule merchants, manufacturers, big businesses, producers, investors, bankers and world traders. Diamonds rule 131 birthdays. The ruling planet is Jupiter.
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