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Two of Spades Birth Card

Two of SpadesTwos represent Union - the Father-Mother principle, male and female, light and darkness, action and reaction, and so stands for cooperation and associations. Two of Spades drives for wisdom with no urge for an independent investigation.

The Two of Spades have a special significance and provided with additional power and spiritual strength. It becomes the more important for people born Two of Spades to cultivate awareness of their destiny as seekers of wisdom and messengers of the Light. Life of any Spade card is never easy until they begin to operate on the upper levels. They are often misunderstood, and those Spades who become great spiritual leaders should achieve the quality of impersonality which always requires great sacrifice.

The life-plan of Two of Spades is to live on a strictly constructive basis, to avoid self-indulgence at the expense of work and duty. They have such a great power that those who headed for evil become the so-called Black Magicians. They have the gift of incredible intuition, but it requires study and practice to become proficient. Those who can bring to their conscious mind their subconscious knowledge of who they are know the right direction to take and the right answers to their problems.

In life, Two of Spades make good buyers and traders, and become successful foreign agents and negotiators. They can balance their spiritual ideas and good business tactics. The majority of Two of Spades like diversion and good company. They are popular and genial, easy drinkers and lively entertainers. They want to have family, kids, but often find themselves working away from home. Life teaches them to stand on their own two feet, and usually the hard way. When they do and make a success of it, they develop the strength of character that helps them to overcome any obstacles.

Friends are crucial to Two of Spades. Very sociable, they feel the need to gain as many friends as possible. They strive to keep their associations to other a long time.

Family and home life of Two of Spades might seem uneventful, but they like it this way. They fulfill their desire for diversity in hobbies or some specialized study. Two of Spades usually love their mother, and transcend this affection to women in general. In return, they often befriend warm-hearted and understanding women, who tend to help them in life and career.

Two of Spades have a significant mental potential. They may have an intense interest in the more serious and profound aspects of life. It is very important for all Two of Spades to realize their "higher call." They can indeed teach and show others the way of true wisdom. With their gift of psychic power, they can rise to any position in their job and take the place of authority and responsibility.

Two of Spades Quotes

Audrey Hepburn “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” - Audrey Hepburn

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Two represents Union - the Father-Mother Principle, and so cooperation and association. Two (2) are always in eternal search for their other half - their complement. Two is a card of peacemaker. They understand the law of harmony and desire to balance their life and those around them. They may feel incomplete without someone to share their love, ideals, wealth or work. Symbolically, the prime challenge of Twos is fear, fear of being alone, but on a higher place, they just feel unhappy where there is a lack of harmony or evidence of disapproval. Twos are very sensitive and could appear a bit shy and perceptive. It also gives them developed intuition, patience and the ability to nurture others. The happy Twos are those, who accept their needs in a complimentary relationship and go to create them. That gives them freedom to be the way they are, instead of being compelled into addictive behavior patterns.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Spades correspond with an older age, a Winter season and the element Earth. Spades will have this look of wisdom on their faces. As a higher and the most powerful suit of all, Spades overlook life with a position of authority. Emotions, intellectual games and evaluation of things do not excite them as much as willpower and wisdom. Spades stand for Labor and Higher Wisdom. Spades want to find the Truth. A suit of extremes, on a higher side Spades are spiritual giants. In life, they work hard for something that they believe worth it. They want to get the job done and take a pride in the quality of the end product. Spades will not allow anyone to be in control of their life. With a tremendous potential of willpower, they are the ones who can accept responsibilities and work through any issues to a successful completion. If the person who is identified with Spades understands his or her true potential - the keys to the infinite wisdom, they find happiness and the greatest satisfaction of all. Spades rule 49 birthdays. The ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus.
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