Harvard, Love and Karmic Lessons

Harvard, Love and Karmic Lessons

If you have already seen your love compatibility report (free initial, or Delux), you may wonder about a small blue bar of the compatibility chart with a subtitle "Karmic Lessons." Lessons in a context of Love sound bitter enough even without prefix.

Yes. Love is about sweet and honey. Love comes with romance and ends in arguments. It may start with a hot bubbly bathtub and go nuts. Sometimes it goes straight to the altar. Other times only God knows where. You think this beautiful woman next to you will never ask you to get a new job. You hope she will never change (at least not to that washed-out housedress). She, on the other side, hopes you will (change). Go figure.

Love absorbs. Life teaches. How many six-years-olds enthusiastically leave their Barbies, toy trucks and teddy bears to jump right into uncomfortable wooden school chairs? We love to learn. In Harvard. Especially when it's all paid for. Karmic lessons are free, but no one likes to consider.

When they say, "karma," most people think - it is coming to get Ya... It sounds like a fifth-grade teacher chasing after you to get your ass whipped. The teacher doesn't care. He has to text his wife before seven o'clock. Life does not grade your success or failure. There are no As or Ds.

"You are an A-grade husband. Licensed, bonded, insured."

"You are an A-grade legendary knuckle-head. "

Karmic Lessons are something we don't get, not really, sometimes never or too late.

Her life was built on pure rational. She made everything possible not to repeat her mother's mistakes. She didn't have sex before he put a diamond ring on her finger. She married a guy from a decent family. She had a life, daughter, and a dog. When her husband kissed her for the first time, she pledged never to smoke even under a terrorist threat. It was a perfect plan. Except for one thing she has never got, not really.

Love worth a risk of losing.

Her dog died. Her daughter left. And she still remembers only one kiss from many-many years ago. That wasn't her husband. That was her Karmic Lesson.

(Guess, what is her Birth Card? Experts?)

Parents are perfect examples of walking-talking Karmic Lessons. You watch them breaking their heads on the brick walls of justified sets of morals, and you swear on a teddy bear you will never, ever get married, or have kids, or tell your secrets to a stranger, or spend all your money on a 46-inches flat screen TV. Karma doesn't come to get you. It gives us an opportunity to grow up.

P.S. Karmic Lesson is the tenth card from the original. For example, the Ten of Diamonds is the Karmic Lesson of the King of Hearts. Generous Kings of Hearts, leave your pride at the door. Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.

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