Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at age 14 to pursue a career in country music. Her 2006 self-titled debut album made her the first female country artist to write or co-write every song on a US platinum-certified album.

Awarding her for her humanitarian endeavors in 2012, former First Lady Michelle Obama described Swift as an artist who "has rocketed to the top of the music industry but still keeps her feet on the ground, someone who has shattered every expectation of what a 22-year-old can accomplish".

Media outlets describe Swift as a savvy businessperson.

Though Swift is reluctant to publicly discuss her personal life—believing it to be "a career weakness" - it is a topic of widespread media attention and tabloid speculation. Clash described Swift as a lightning rod for both praise and criticism. The New York Times asserted in 2013 that her "dating history has begun to stir what feels like the beginning of a backlash" and questioned whether she was in the midst of a "quarter-life crisis". Critics have highlighted the misogyny and slut-shaming Swift's life and career have been subject to. Glamour opined Swift is an easy target for male derision, triggering "fragile male egos". The Daily Telegraph said her antennae for sexism is crucial for the industry and that she "must continue holding people to account".

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Taylor Swift Quotes

“Life isn't how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain.” - Taylor Swift
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