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Friday, October 19 2018


40/4 - Work

Get up early and plan a schedule for yourself. Be precise in everything you do, but march from one job to the next. Obey the orders of real or fancied superiors. Live up to your plans - get everything out on time. Analyze the details and correct every error. Put yourself, your working surroundings, your correspondence and your finances in order. Examine the budget. Test yourself for a sound economy, restore balance. Curb the flight of imagination and give a one-pointed attention to the matter in hand. Respect the conventions. Summon the determined law and build a lasting cornerstone.

This is a day for organization and system. You are stalwart, dependable, full of useful purpose. You are laying the foundation for your building, so you want to be sure of the size and quality. You recognize the beauty of perfect construction, knowing that it holds the promise of definite and enduring completion. You know that a good foundation means protection, and stability is necessary to make freedom. You are wise enough to realize that all your work doesn't mean monotony, that perfectionists are not always the best critics and that the most painstaking people need not be unduly slow.

If anyone tries to persuade you that the job is too long or too boring, refer them to the "Life of the Bee": Cut and prune and balance and weight. A lasting tomorrow is fashioned today.

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Your Daily Cards

Mercury Day

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolizes mentality: our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. Mercury rules all forms of communication, whether via writing, letters, email, media, film or multimedia, and by speaking, on the phone, via internet, or in person, whether one-to-one, or by addressing groups. It is responsible for commerce, trade and transportation. All above abilities and activities will be affected by your card in Mercury.
Seven of Diamonds
Pluto Card
Five of Spades
Don't get into the frustration over financial matters. You may feel impatient and restricted. The only solution is a resolution to get down to business and work with a positive attitude. By the end of a day, there can be travel and a variety of opportunities. Excitement, movement and romance make life more interesting. If you initiate changes after careful consideration, you will persevere.
Ace of ClubsA   is your Mercury Card. Intellect, Communications.
A wish to know. Aspiration for knowledge. Letter containing secret. News from a short distance.
Four of Hearts4   is your Mars Card. Action, Agressiveness, Impulsiveness.
Satisfaction and success in love. Pleasure in making new friends. Sudden unexpected happiness. Pleasure and happiness at home.
Ace of Clubs
Queen of Clubs
Ten of Spades
Five of Clubs
Three of Diamonds
Ace of Spades
Seven of Hearts

Universal Day 40/4

Steadier market. Buzz of machinery. Detail. Attention to schedule. It might also be an increase of illness and death. There may be evidences of anarchy (strikes, demonstration, rebellion).

Good Day For

This is a good day for making deposits in checking accounts.


Don't buy tickets for travelling

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