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Wednesday, February 1 2023

In the "Standard" numerological system, the personal year starts on January 1st.


12/3 - Expression

Give out some of the light that floods you and vibrates around you. Start the day singing. Refuse to worry. Take everything as it comes - and like it. Don't plan get all is out of today. Make a game of any work that comes along. Visit your friends or entertain them. Instead of walking, run. Work your sense of humor. Sweep all obstacles before you. Laugh at failures and begin again. Put on your best clothes and go out and show everybody what advantage there is being beautiful. Do your shopping. Make seven people smile - then watch your returns for seven days.

After all the riches and harmonious vibration accumulated yesterday, you will inevitably burst if you don't give some of them out. You love the world and understand why so much has been said and written about "Joy of living." If anything hits you, you can't stay down. You don't care especially about working with your hands today, for the artist in you is on top and clamoring to be recognized. You can sing, dance, play, act, speak or write. You are very independent and need nothing that you do not possess. You are not afraid of anything or anybody, because you realize that fear belongs to the mental and moral hypochondriacs - and they are welcome to it. You understand that worry, intolerance, anxiety and foreboding for the future only scatter your forces- and you have no time for them. This is another day!

Your Daily Cards: Mercury Day

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, symbolizes mentality: our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. Mercury rules all forms of communication, whether via writing, letters, email, media, film or multimedia, and by speaking, on the phone, via internet, or in person, whether one-to-one, or by addressing groups. It is responsible for commerce, trade and transportation. All above abilities and activities will be affected by your card in Mercury.
Three of Hearts
Pluto Card
Nine of Hearts
Two of Clubs
Worries, indecision about love and relationships. If you select your partners indiscriminately, relationships can suffer. Eat, drink and be merry in moderation. By the end of a day, you will move forward without regret or hesitation. Sometimes letting go the world is the only way to gain the universe. The separations, endings and apparent losses in this vibration are necessary to free you for a new cycle you are about to enter.
Two of Clubs2   is your Jupiter Card. Business, Protection, Help.

Dispute with a hot-headed person. Sudden meeting with a work associate.

Seven of Diamonds7   is your Cosmic Lesson Card.

Unexpected call for money. Try to stay detached from material matters. Take a high road and get free of fears and worries about finances. Share your love with other people instead.

Six of Diamonds
Two of Hearts
Three of Spades
Six of Hearts
Two of Clubs
Six of Spades
Queen of Clubs

Universal Day 10/1

Efforts to promote new ideas. Strong market. Strikes.

Good Day For

This day is especially good for shopping - for clothes, decorations, art, paintings.

Daily Rhythms

Jan, 27Jan, 28Jan, 29Jan, 30Jan, 31Feb, 1
Excellent   Good   Average   Less than average   Be careful
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