The playing cards have been there for centuries It is the most fun and affordable hobby. There are thousands of things you can do with cards. You can play on your own (solitaire) or in a company. You can build a private collection of cards or join a playing cards club. Although the origin of cards has been covered in mystery, their invention has been claimed by almost every civilized nation. The history goes down to the 9th Century Tang China (618-907.)

Does it make sense to fit the Destiny Cards into your way of life?

If you want to improve your communication skills, a good place to start is to figure out a "scope of action." Like with any other activity that involves more than one person, the prime objective of communication is not a communication itself but the establishment of proper understanding with another party.

3 simple principles to improve your communication skills

When we are young, all we can think are love and success. Or, success and love. Girls' conversations never go wrong. Are you married? If you don't wear a ring on your finger, you are probably not. Not just yet. Are you planning to? "Oh, yes, of course, I am. When the right person comes along."

Why living up to our expectations is not enough?

Use love compatibility report credits in four easy steps.

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Which temperament are you? Astrology good and evil.

Most people have at least two voices in their head. Those voices may have different views, and, sometimes, different personalities. Perhaps, you wonder if it's okay. Or, you may want to know how to navigate through internal discussions and also see what other people are thinking.

Can you get your inner voices under control?

Things About Men You Must Know

It is easy to see if a man you are dating is right or wrong. But sometimes we miss the whole point. We fall in love too fast. We think we can beat hormones. Can we?

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Harvard, Love and Karmic Lessons

If you have already seen your love compatibility report (free initial, or Delux), you may wonder about small blue bar of the compatibility chart with a subtitle "Karmic Lessons". Lessons in a context of Love sound sour enough even without a prefix.

Why karmic lessons are important?

Family of Seven. Who Is Your Spiritual Twin?

Peculiar qualities of seven most unusual cards in the deck. Being a king of strangers doesn’t mean you can lazy-cow your eccentricities into flattering ego-extremes. It takes more than the paradise of individuality to finance development in the heart of Manhattan.

Are you the one of us?

The Decans are 36 groups of stars (small constellations) which rise consecutively on the horizon throughout each earth rotation. Since a new decan appears every ten days, the ancient Greeks called them dekanoi (pl. of dekanos) or "tenths". In Vedic astrology, each sign of the zodiac (30 deg.) is divided by three decans, 10 degrees each. There is the trinal calculation which utilizes the elemental trines to each sign. Each decan has its planetary ruling planet or planets. To find Decanate cards, we use the same method as with the planetary ruling cards. All we need to know is planets that rule the Decan of our Sun placement (in the astrological birth chart). It can be one or two ruling planets, and therefore one or two decanate cards (see table below).

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Simple Door: Paranormal Properties

Sometimes ordinary objects possess strange and amazing attributes often associated with a term "paranormal". Often such anomalies are within our touch every day but no one can understand what is happening.

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