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Monday, February 18 2019


34/7 - Introspection

Take a long breath. Insist upon freedom from worry, hurry and excitement. Be entirely alone for part of the day and think yourself over. Stop, look and listen. Stop long enough to realize that foods we eat and clothes we wear do not constitute the whole of life or its happiness. Look at your sins of omission and commission and pull them up by the roots. Listen your intuition that gets so little chance to be heard. Pause before you go on and realize just what you are going toward and why. Get out of the city, get closer to nature. See what comes to your mind when you leave the doors open, and your nerves aren't jumping. Don't babble: think. Realize your poise and steadiness and quit, but don't give the impression that you are sulky or lazy or moody. Live your interior life and don't interfere with anybody else's. Get your inspiration from Higher Up. Seek nothing for yourself, your family or your business. Don't try to express - receive impressions instead. Perfect everything you are doing - putting on all finishing touches - but don't try to make it larger or more productive. Use your inside power.

Since this day is a day of high spiritual vibration, it is not always friendly to strictly material affairs. You will have a feeling of withdrawal from the world that you will have a good sense not to carry too far. If you want to be along and are able to manage it, you must not spoil it all by feeling melancholy. If you are out of sympathy with what seems to be meaningless activity about you, you won't allow it to irritate or depress you, make your restless and dissatisfied or critical and intolerant. You know that you are fully capable of any effort required of you, whether you feel inclined to it or not, for your interior force and balance see you through. You know that if you keep still and wait, things will come to you; if you go out after them, they will elude or disappoint you. You may be conscious of a thousand irritations, like an army of small devils, trying to throw you off your balance, but since you realize that this is a day that belongs to your inner life, you know they cannot penetrate deep enough to reach it, so you will only laugh at their antics. You are acquiring a tremendous reserve-force for tomorrow.

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Your Daily Cards

Uranus Day

Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, rules freedom and originality. In society it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures. Uranus among all planets most governs genius. The personal implications of Uranus are shown by the cards in Uranus period and their placement in the perfect spread. It describes areas of unpredictability and difference. Being highly unorthodox, Uranus identifies the unusual or unique. Friends and associations to which you belong are indicated, as is your potential involvement with arcane studies, science and technology, computers, and the media.
Six of Clubs
Pluto Card
Nine of Hearts
Stressful situations are over, and disputes have been settled. Do not allow pride in your accomplishments to make you overbearing. Your pride can overturn all the good; then enemies gain the upper hand. It can cause delays in obtaining your goals. By the end of a day, you will move forward without regret or hesitation. Sometimes letting go the world is the only way to gain the universe. The separations, endings and apparent losses in this vibration are necessary to free you for a new cycle you are about to enter.
Eight of Hearts8   is your Cosmic Result Card. Applying More Efforts To Reach Your Goals.

The power of love, personal magnetism, charm. Success dealing with people. Friends working together. Spiritual development and power. Psychic force.

Four of Diamonds

Work prospers. Satisfaction in wok. Pleasant business prospects. Happy work. Money gained by work. Satisfactory real estate deal.

Ace of SpadesA   is your Neptune Card. Idealism, Dreams, Psychic Visions.

A secret journey. A secret real estate transaction. Secret or occult psychic power. A secret present. A hidden will.

Two of Spades

Partnership. Letter regarding work. New of the illness of a person at a distance. Partnership plan.

Four of Hearts
Two of Hearts
Ten of Spades
Four of Diamonds
Seven of Spades
Ace of Spades
Two of Diamonds

Universal Day 22/4

Steadier market. Detail. Attention to schedule. It might also be an increase of illness and death. There may be evidences of anarchy (strikes, demonstration, rebellion).

Good Day For

This is the best day for making deposits for Saving's accounts.


Don't do anything except analyze and perfect.

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