What Does My Birth Card Mean?

... What does my birth card mean?

We are so used to be obscured with an entertaining and a gambling adaption of playing cards, it is difficult to realize its true meaning. Did you ever wonder why in our era of quantum mechanics people still believe in a special power of fortunetellers who have used the deck of playing cards in different shapes (like Taro cards) for centuries? Or why gambling addictions are developed in some individuals and not in others? We know that Las Vegas casinos may have something to do with gambling obsessions. But the video poker game became known as the crack cocaine of gambling..? And it seams that no one has ever suggest, that there is a “slight” chance, that the cards symbolism is behind this all? 

For centuries the knowledge of the cards was in hands of a couple members of secret order, and only in 1983 it was instructed to reveal some of it to the public. And even this “some of it” can be used in two ways – for good and for evil. There is an active energy of cards which makes people love it, hate it, get obsessed over it, but we all relate to its source – emotionally, mentally, you name it. It starts to make sense when you find out why cards are symbolically arranges in a certain way. 

There are only four suits. I mean, why not six or seven? There are numbers from 2 to 9. There are 13 cards in one suit. They don’t even build 13th floor in buildings anymore! It makes no sense at all! Or does it…? 

So, the birth card means … the birth card. Each card is associated with the day of a year. 364 days – 52 cards 7 times. 7 planets, 7 days in a week, 7 thunders …. 

As Edith Randall and Florence Campbell said, the wise ones who have a true knowledge are immune to the adverse option of the unstructured who live behind closed doors. “If symbols are a dead language to you, with no meaning other than outline of their form, and if you have decided that spots must remain spots and that Kings, Queens, and Jacks are nothing but pictures, this “ material “ is just a waste of your time. If you are sincere in your quest you will come to revere it as a true and accurate Key to your own life path, your wise handling of its outlines, and your just and intelligent dealing with those in your environment.” 

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Mine is Dec. 18. Also King of Hearts...

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What is my career Job ye Business

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Take the card of the hour that interest you. Ask Google the meaning of it

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