The Secret Power Of Corals

Since ancient times corals are believed to protect from misfortunes and illnesses, and stop bleeding. In Greece the coral represents happiness and even immortality. At the beginning of the Christian era, there was a great trade carried on in coral between the Mediterranean and India, where it was highly esteemed as a substance endowed with mysterious sacred properties. It is remarked by Pliny that, previous to the existence of the Indian demand, the Gauls were in the habit of using it for the ornamentation of their weapons of war and helmets; but in his day, so great was the Eastern demand, that it was very rarely seen even in the regions which produced it. Among the Romans branches of coral were hung around children's necks to preserve them from danger, and the substance had many medicinal virtues attributed to it. A belief in its potency as a charm continued to be entertained throughout medieval times; and even early in the 20th century in Italy was worn as a preservative from the evil eye, and by females as a cure for sterility. 

The origin of coral is explained in Greek mythology by the story of Perseus. Having petrified Cetus, the sea monster threatening Andromeda, Perseus placed Medusa's head on the riverbank while he washed his hands. When he recovered her head, he saw that her blood had turned the seaweed (in some variants the reeds) into red coral. Thus, the Greek word for coral is “Gorgeia”, as Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. 

In Portugal people use red coral necklaces to rid of headaches. In Britain, they use corals to treat a sour throat. In Mexico it is a folk remedy for digestive or stomach problems including indigestion and diarrhea. Often, corals are used to help with ulcers, wounds and protect from evil eye. It is believe that corals strengthen heart, improve memory and help people who experience nervous breakdown. 

In astrology the color of a coral represent yin and yen energy. The white coral raises the yin energy and makes a person more attractive, feminine and submissive. The red coral increases masculine characteristics. 

The coral is a kinky stone. Wearing a coral can make you more capricious and whimsical. It can drive you to become careless, adventurous and restless. But it also give protection in travels against thieves, danger and weather disasters. 

Any zodiac sign can wear corals, except one – the sign of Capricorn.

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