Baby Names - Rules That Makes Your Child Name Compatible With You and Your Family

Having a baby is one of the most important steps in our life. Giving a name to your newborn child should be taking very seriously, because the name affects the way we think, dream and express ourselves to the world. It is also effects your relationship with a child and also it effects the relationship of your child with your family and relatives. Would you rather follow your intuition, or make a good educated choice?  

 Your child name Expression Number must match the family expression number.

 Have you ever wondered about your last name? Numerology can tell you quite a bit about your family’s traits, occupational preferences, even inherited health issues. Take for example, the family which expresses itself as a number 8. The members of this family are mature and philosophical, truthful and often religious. You will find many bankers, government officials, politicians and lawyers among its members. The child with name that expresses himself as number 5 wouldn’t exactly fit the basic family traits. He or she will be restless and willing to live life to its fullest. As a parent you might not be so fond of your child manners and life style, as you will be with someone who expresses himself in the traditional family manner.  Why take a risk? 

Baby Names - Find Perfect Name!

At least one vowel in your first name should match the vowel in your child first name. 

Vowels in name are responsible for our inner motivation in life. The sum of all vowels is so-called our heart desire, or soul urge number. This number represents our motivation in life, why we do things certain way and what do we really desire deeply inside. In the perfect scenario this number should make an ideal match between two people. When you do have at least one vowel in your child name that matches the vowel in yours, it creates the vibration of love and understanding. 

When you share the same last name, you are ultimately sharing the same vowels. But sharing the same vowel in your first names is the best, just because we speak out our first names much often. It is especially very important, if your child last name is different from the mother last name. 

Baby Names

The Baby Name Calculator gives you a perfect tool to research names in order to find the best name that will create loving relationship between you and your child. 

If you know your child middle and last name the Baby Name Calculator gives you 12 numbers to choose from along with your basic family number and the list of compatible and incompatible numbers, including the master numbers 11, 22 and 33.

You have a full database of 247,918 names total arranged alphabetically and/or by the popularity rank summarized from 1880 to 2011 in United States. 

It basically calculates names by the expression number, but you will find the compatibility between the family name and the names expression and personality numbers which also might be given a thought. The best name is certainly the one that has both numbers compatible with your family traits. 

You must make your home work. Research carefully all possible combinations to find the perfect name that will make your child fit perfectly with you and your family. 

Baby Names

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