Destiny Test Book Beta Release

New Beta Release of Destiny Test Book is actually coming up this week! And, of course, we have been waiting for Eight Of Clubs birthday to make it official. You will find the most important features in this version. There is a lot to be strive for, but all needed for destiny card reading is there. And it will be free to use for those who are ready to jump into the pool of infinite knowledge. 

Well, for now you will still need more resources of information. The major descriptions of cards in periods are missing. We are also still in progress of adding birth cards into our database. If you know little about destiny cards system – you’ll be shocked how precise the predictions are! If you are professional astrologer or numerologist, you’ll be hit by surprise. 

There is a lot of features are coming up, so get ready for some bugs. We have tested Destiny Test Book for Google Chrome and Safari, it should work in Firefox, but you never know about Internet Explorer – and hopefully, no one uses it, seriously. So, please, let us know if something doesn’t work … That’s a purpose of beta anyway. 

There will be some surprising features inside, but we are not going to tell you… Just for now. Remember, your information is very, very, very secure and private with us. There is nothing we cherish more, than your privacy. And we do NEVER spam. 

So, get ready for this weekend! This is very SCARY…. We are totally frightened by excitement to share something so valuable and precious with you. Meet our new baby – Destiny Test Book Beta. 

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In God's will

December 23, 2020 9:00

Where did this research come from?

November 11, 2020 8:29

Omg Lee and Debbie are my parents names!

November 10, 2020 20:08

I'm lucky to be called by this name

November 6, 2020 21:12


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