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Five of Diamonds Karma Card

Five of DiamondsWith the Five of Diamonds Karma Card, finances are the focal point of uncertainty. The period of steady and dependable income are few and far between. There is often a change or several changes in occupation in the hope of increasing the income. Look after your finances, budget, and keep your bank account in check; the Five of Diamonds bring an adventurous spirit and a love of variety, but it also causes fluctuations to your income due to work or circumstance.

Five of Diamonds Quotes

John Updike
If you have the guts to be yourself, other people'll pay your price. - John Updike

Five of Diamonds Birthdays

Pisces, Aquarius
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The number 5 represents Changes, Variety, Opportunity, Travel, Escape and fluctuating Life Experience. Number 5 is the "Number of Man" and his original 5 senses. Fives are restless. They are seeking Freedom, and in this pursuit might never be satisfied with whatever they have now. Every time they are getting something they want, they are still uncertain and sometimes fearful of what lies ahead, so there is a new change must be made. For them there is more freedom just around a corner. Fives stand in a center and try to reach all point at the same time, always seeking new places, new faces, new changes, new experiences. They are very welcome by others, because of their honesty (unless operation totally negatively). Fives have their 6th sense of being honest in order to expect honesty and justice from others. It doesn't mean Fives are always reliable or responsible. Their own growth is vital and they don't like to be tied up by rules and obligations. Fives restless spirit might best be controlled by choosing the field of work that meet their demand for action and adventure.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Diamonds correspond with an adulthood, career and money-making years, the Fall season and the element Water. Even when children Diamonds like to be treated as adults. Diamonds stand for the Power of values, material wealth. Symbolically, Diamonds are like a jewel, a stone that allows the light to pass through with practically with no loss. You can say Diamonds stand for the money, but actually they stand for Values. It includes all spectrum of human values including spiritual worth. Diamonds work out the conception of values through all their lives. They know that everything and everyone in life has its price. They make the best promoters and sellers for things with a high-rank value according to their beliefs. Diamonds like to spend money, but at some time on another they realize that all material wealth doesn't buy the true happiness. Diamonds rule merchants, manufacturers, big businesses, producers, investors, bankers and world traders. Diamonds rule 131 birthdays. The ruling planet is Jupiter.

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